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Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited is the most amazing racing game, I think ever to exist. While it may not be the best ever it's stunning none the less. It has revolutionized racing games.

Believe me there's nothing cooler than cruising round with a bunch of your friends online. The best part is you can cruise around the whole island scr888 agent malaysia of Oahu!. It's apparently been very accurately recreated, I can believe it. There seems to be the WHOLE of Pearl Harbor in there and the massive city, Honolulu. it really is a pleasure to drive around. There's lush beautiful countryside and some stunning mountain roads to drive round. One of my personal favorites is Kelekole Pass. It's a very undulating road with ups and downs, tight chicanes, two gradual off camber harpins, and a few miles of perfectly straight road at the bottom. Pretty much every kind of corner you can think of and piece of road you dream of is on this touge.

Although its a "next-gen" game, the graphics don't necessarily give the impression it's next-gen, but theres moments when you just cant help but say 'wow' . It's got some of the most beautiful scenery, when your at the top of a mountain road looking down into a valley, you can't help but be slightly awe-struck, it's wonderful. The most memorable moment I've had was when i was doing the millionaires challenge in a V12 Lamborghini Murcielago, the sun was setting and there was a very mellow beautiful warm glow coming off the rear quarter panels of my Lambo, the road was reflecting a golden glimmer off the horizon and blind jumps accompanied by the sound of the V12 engine as it was hitting the redline on a very long straight down the north side of the island by a military base. It was a beautiful experience.

The car models are very accurately recreated, in the garage you can zoom right into just about every aspect of the car, this will blow you away as you feel you can almost touch them at some points, what amazed me is the fine curvature of the e-type bonnet and body, you could zoom right in and really admire it.